A 5th generation family farm located in Downing, Northeast Missouri. Doug started working on the family farm when he was a young boy, this started his love for farming and caring for livestock. After high school, he pursued his passion for farming and started growing his business. He married Dee in 1993, and they had 2 children Dustin and Breanna. Dee works on the farm with the livestock, crops and does the farm record keeping. Both Dustin and Breanna worked on the farm with chores growing up and were involved in FFA and 4H. Dustin manages the farm’s breeding program, feeding and caring for the livestock, planting and harvesting the crops. Breanna manages our federally inspected beef processing facility where she processes, cuts, and packages our home-raised beef.


Together we own and operate a NE3 USDA Process Verified for Source, Age, EVP China, NHTC, Saudi, antibiotic/hormone-free Angus cow-calf operation. It has taken years to build this elite herd using genetics specializing in marbling ensuring the highest quality of beef. We AI (artificially inseminate) our home-raised dams using high-quality semen specializing in marbling and carcass data. We hand select replacement heifers each year from the calf crop to add back to the herd continuing to build our family legacy. We handle our animals with low stress, ease, using quality working facilities and practices in which we are certified with Beef Quality Assurance.


We consult a local Veterinarian to implement a health and vaccine program ensuring good health for every animal at all times. We also consult with a certified Nutritionist to ensure feed and mineral requirements are achieved maximizing their highest potential. Our herd is kept on grass pastures for grazing where calves are born and raised.  Calves are weaned and fed high-quality feed rations that consist of corn, corn silage, and forage also raised on our farm. No animal by-products, Ionophores, or growth hormones are used. 


We pride ourselves in the integrity and dedication in which we have raised this elite herd providing the highest quality of beef, with great flavor that will melt in your mouth. We are looking for a value-driven alignment dedicated to providing the same service.


From our family farm to your table

Doug, Dee, Dustin and Breanna